Thursday, October 9, 2008

A stitched fish for the painted fish....

(Admittedly, I'm not sure if he's dead, drunk or asleep).

A huge thanks to Jen over at Painted Fish Studio for featuring my etsy shop on her blog. It was a bit crazy to see a big photo of me on a website! When you just type away at the dining room table, yakking on your blog or doing your etsy shop, it's easy to forget it ends up 'out there'. But when you find yourself on someone else's site it kinda hits home! And I got some lovely compliments so I had a pretty sweet smile on my face to carry me through the day.

Thanks Jen!


painted fish studio said...

yay! i only wish there were more comments! because i really do think the brooches are cool.

i love the fish! i'd say he's dead. from what i learned at an early age, any time the eyes are represented as an "x", that means dead. dead as a doornail. but still awesome!

Alex Sunday said...

very true. i did the eye last, and i think by the time i got to it, i just wanted it finished! i think there's a hint of a smile there so at least he had a good life.