Friday, January 30, 2009

Thank you!....

Any regular readers of Shannon's Rabbit and the Duck blog may have seen a post from last week featuring some fantastic trims, in particular the tape measure trim. I had to know where Shannon got it from - I adore yellow and love numbers (yes, in a geeknerd kind of way) so it's exactly my kind of thing. Anyhoo, the lovely Shannon was kind enough to send me some!

Apologies for the slight blur - I must've been too excited to hold the camera still. I'm really excited to put it to use. Now, if only my boxes of crafty goodness would turn up from NZ....

Thanks Shannon!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The friday letter finale....part 2

Ah, finally things are calming down and I'm getting on top of things. I think I'd forgotten how all encompasing moving house (on top of moving country!) can be. We're currently sitting on matresses on the floor as we're yet to buy a lounge, but at least we have a new bed. Now I just have to wait for all my crafty bits to arrive from NZ! If only the shipping company could tell me where my boxes are....

Anyway, I'm babbling. Behold! My finished friday letter collaboration! I'm annoyed that I didn't get it posted last Friday when Jen posted her finished piece, but better late than never, right? (Not that never was an option!). Like I've said already, this was lots of fun and I'm happy with the end result. I held off putting all the letters together until I got to the 'd' in 'studio', and then could barely wait to get the final letters to finish it off. I thought it might be interesting to see where these letters came from, so take a look!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The friday letter finale....part 1

Alas, I have really let the team down this week. I moved house this weekend and therefore have no internet at my new home. And in the moving process I've managed to misplace my thumb drive with my finished piece to upload here at work. But!- to keep you at bay, here's Jen's final piece!!
(Ok, it would help if my blog background was white). And so my collaboration with Jen from painted fish studio has drawn to a close. It was lots of fun finding a letter each week, and it's been super getting to know Jen in the process. I'm still on the scout for letters because it's become part of my way of thinking (and having just moved to a new area, there's plenty for the taking!). With this in mind, you might see the odd letter pop up here, just so I get my fix.

I hope you've enjoyed. :) And if anyone is interested in a collaboration, drop me a line! (I'll be more timely now that I'm not in transit - I promise!!)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hello Stuart....

I'd like you all to meet Stuart. He turned up in my mum's front garden about 10 days ago. Somehow I managed to catch him (ok, it was a 3 man operation, but I came out with the bunny) and we bought him inside where he swiftly made himself at home.

I've never had a rabbit before and am amazed at the size of their personality. He was such a cool house guest. He was toilet trained, only doing his business in the laundry and spending the rest of the time lounging around the house wherever he liked (our cardboard barricades were no match for his cunning). And he had no qualms with the dog (though at 17 years old, Jimmy wasn't much of a threat). Ok, there were a couple of toilet incidents and he did try to hump my leg occasionally, maybe because it was hairy (or hare-y, haha) but he was lovely.

The happy ending is that after about a week and a few false claims of ownership later (there seem to be a lot of missing bunnies in the area!!) his real owners spotted our sign out the front of the house and an emotional reunion ensued. Turns out his name is Benji (short for Benjamin I think). No wonder he wasn't coming when I called him.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The friday letter....O....

Oh my, late again! (but backdated - you know what I'm like). I'm sorry for my tardiness (again!). I'd give you the usual excuses (own computer not set up, me not set up, etc) but you've heard them all before so I'll just get on with it.

Now, I'm not too sure what this week's letter is all about. It's on a weird "thing" down near the fishing boat harbour in Fremantle. The letters spell something out around the "thing" but do you think I stopped to figure it out? Nope. I'm sure the intrigue will be too much to take and I'll head down there to take another look.

Speaking of intrigue, this is my last letter for Jen in out Friday letter collaboration, so next week we will reveal all the letters and the inspiration behind chosing them. How exciting! Though I am sad that it's come to an end as behind the scenes, Jen and I have been trading emails heaps. Not that that's going to stop. Speaking of Jen, pop on over to check out her 'T'!

And come back next week for the big reveal!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The friday letter....I....

Oh my, my first post for the year, and I'm running late! (But, due to my obsessive compulsive nature, I've backdated this post to friday - I couldn't handle seeing a friday letter on a saturday!).

This letter comes to you from a clothing store in Fremantle! The town (city actually) where I spent my formative teenage years. It's a great place full of great friends and it's nice to be back. We flew in on NYE and didn't even see midnight - too tired. But we're slowly aclimatising to the hot weather (it's nearing 40 degrees celsius!).

You must head over to Jen's blog to see her 'c' for this week. It's marvelous!
I hope you're all enjoying the promise that a new year brings.