Friday, October 10, 2008

The friday letter....N....

I couldn't possibly not include an Art Deco letter in this collaboration. I do, after all, live in THE Art Deco capital of the world! Well, allegedly. There are some absolutely amazing buildings in town. Why you ask? (Come on, humour me). Well much of the city was rebuilt after the 1931 earthquake which killed 256 people, and injurred hundreds more. It was hugely devastating for Napier and neighbouring Hastings, but as a consequence of the rebuilding in the 1930's, there is today an impressive selection of Art Deco and Spanish Mission style buildings in the region. End of history lesson. But! If you found that interesting, you can find out more from wikipedia. it's actually a pretty good read!

This week Jen photographed an 'E'. And you can check it out here.

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painted fish studio said...

oh, i love the retro n! and thank you for the history lesson, i had no idea that art deco was so prevalent. i must get to new zealand!