Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ruby tiki....

Well, following the success that was the label for Porto de Sorrell, I created a label for another student. And how could I not? - Beaker (as he's known) provides us with delicious homegrown asparagus, herbs and walnuts (plus the occasional bottle of wine) so of course it was nice to be able to give him something in return.

Unlike the Porto de Sorrell label, this one only took a couple of hours. I'm still not sure about the colour of the font, but time was short so it ended up having to do. (For some reason this image is blurry, but I assure you it's crisp in reality).

I need to note that the photo I used on the label was taken by a New Zealand artist called Fiona Pardington. Her work is beautiful and I hope she doesn't mind me using this image for what is a tiny run of homemade port for personal consumption only!

Drink up....

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painted fish studio said...

18% alcohol? whhooooo!

i hope you continue designing wine labels. they are really fun!