Monday, February 7, 2011

Why, hello there....

I don't know who to credit, sorry!
Gosh, how time flies!  I can't believe how little Coco was in my last post!  She's about to outgrow that cute yellow outfit.  Oh it's true - they grow up so fast!  She's entertaining us with lots of smiles and 'talking' these days, and I don't remember life without her.  I really can not recommend motherhood highly enough.  :)

But let's be honest, I've been so busy staring at Coco that I've neglected the sunday project.  I won't make apologies because they would be insincere.  But I will share some exciting news, possibly a tad prematurely.  It looks like we're swapping this city life for the country and I couldn't be more excited!  I'm hopeful that it will fuel some creativity and that I can sneak a bit of time to work on some ideas that are brewing.  Stay tuned!  But don't hold your breath - these things take time.  Especially when it's me.  :)