Friday, October 31, 2008

The friday letter....D....

Ah, Friday at last. Not that it makes much difference to me now that I'm officially unemployed. I was hopeful that this would mean plenty of free time for the sunday project, but it looks more like I'll be busy helping my partner prepare for his final exams and then packing to move up to Auckland for Christmas, followed by.... who knows! But the sunday project is moving countries in January, most likely to back to Australia, if only for 6 months. There's something quite liberating about being so up in the air, but it's also quite irritating when all I want it a studio! Anyway, back to matters at hand....This D was taken in Wellington a couple of weeks back. It's on the top of an old building on the corner of Cuba St and some other street. I love the old yellow paint. If you're in that area, you should really get along to Ernesto for breakfast. We knew it must be good because it was sooo packed. When we finally got a table we were not disappointed. Try the scrambled eggs and spinach on homemade hashbrowns. Delicious!

This week Jen of painted fish studio is delivering an N. You can check it out here. Have a great weekend everyone!

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painted fish studio said...

the d is beautiful. i love the weathered, decayed feel. and the breakfast? sounds yummy.

hmmmm. to be seeing so many new places, moving around, is definitely a great experience! but i completely understand wanting to be in one spot, to set up a creative space that's a bit more permanent. it'll happen eventually. enjoy the adventures for now!