Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello + goodbye....

Little Me - Somewhere in Europe - October 1977

It seems I've been retreating from the world wide web (and people in the real world) as Pikelette's arrival draws closer.  I thought I should make amends by saying hello to you all.  Hello.  :)

And also goodbye.  With only 1 week until the estimated arrival (though of course she will have her own idea about when the time is right) there are no guarantees as to when I'll be back.  I hear these newborns are somewhat time consuming.

So thank you to you all for visiting over the past few years.  Special thanks for your comments which remind me that I'm not just writing to myself.  And an even bigger thanks to those of you I've never met in person but feel like I have, thanks to the wonder of this funny little internet and the friendships it sprouts.

I'll miss you!  But I'll be back.  Sometime.  :)  xo

Friday, November 5, 2010

Meet Bill....

You'd think he'd have cheered up after some lovely comments on an earlier post, but no.  It's not his style.

I found Bill in an op-shop (thrift store, for the Americans reading) about 18 years ago (Holy shiznit!  I can't believe it's that long!).  Sure, I was way too old for teddy bears, but look at him!  I thought he looked so sad that I couldn't bear to leave him there (hehe, pun intended).  

Of course, he doesn't really look like he's cheered up over they years.  I'm hoping he perks up when Pikelette comes along.  Maybe he's been waiting all these years for a little girl of his own (and if that doesn't work, I'm tempted to stitch a happier face on him).

Have a great weekend!