Monday, March 23, 2009

Paper cuts and clarification....

Let me start by saying the above is definitely not my work!  Those of you who frequent design sites will have seen this brilliant work on friday over at design*sponge, but I couldn't help sharing it regardless. This paper cut is by Bovey Lee.  As beautiful as the bird is, I love the wire. I have a facination with geometry and repetition (which explains why I survive my day job).

After cutting all those flowers last week, I can only imagine how numb and sore her fingers must get! Speaking of those flowers, it seems I may have piqued the curiosity of some of you.  'The day' is a wedding, but not mine.  It's my friend Elly's wedding (you may recall her from last year's postcard swap) and I've been helping prepare by cutting flowers.  I'm hoping that she'll let me show you some of the beautiful day, so stay tuned - it's only a month away!

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