Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anyone for bacon?....

Does anyone recall the bacon cushion I had in my etsy shop late last year? (hint - there's a photo of it right in front of you).   Well it seems I may have started something!  Ok, I'm taking credit where absolutely none is due, but bear with me.  Shannon from Rabbit and the Duck sent me a link to another bacon cushion on etsy and I like it! 

It's by Diffraction Fiber and I love that it's abstract enough that on it's own it might not be recognisable as bacon at all.  Whilst on the bacon theme, I thought I'd take a look around etsy for other bacon themed products.  Now, I have to admit, a lot of what I found I would consider tack, but I also came across a few gems.  Take a look!

Hmm, making me hungry.  But I'm a vegaquarian (a.k.a. a fish'n'chipocrite) so no bacon for me. Facon, anyone?


rabbit and the duck said...

That bacon scarf is pretty cool, but might be a bit weird to wear around your neck : )

painted fish studio said...

i think your pillow is the best out of all the options! :)

every once in a while, i crave a big, fat, juicy piece of bacon. but i, too, am a vegaquarian, and the fakon just doesn't cut it!