Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hoorah! Giveaway!....

I'm sure you've all been waiting with bated breath, and now the day has finally arrived - my etsy shop is back in business!  Well, the process has begun - more items will be listed over the next week.  The delay was recalculating postage costs - it was just such a boring concept that I kept putting it off.  Apologies.  Anyhoo, to get to the point, in celebration of this historic event I'm hosting a giveaway competition!  It's so easy to take part that you'd be completely mad not to. 

Here's what to do - 
Leave a comment on this post answering the following 2 questions:
1. Tell me something about you.
2. Tell me something about me (hint - if you're a bit stuck, you might like to take a look at my etsy bio!).  

You really should all enter - otherwise I'll feel like a bit of a nobody and I don't know that my ego could take it.  Winner will be drawn randomly on Saturday morning local time and will receive the Best in Show brooch of their choice from my shop.  These brooches have been featured on Creature Comforts and Inspired Goodness, plus of course, the etsy home page!  Open to everyone.  Good luck!


Heather Moore said...

Oh cool! Your shop looks fab - well done. Ok , here goes with your entry requirements:

Heather suddenly seems to have lots of grey things in her wardrobe, but it looks better than it sounds.

Alex wants a puppy (a yellow one, if possible).

Crossing fingers...

BAKERY said...

oooh so fun! :)

1. i've been digging awards lately-- must stem from my lack thereof during my very clumsy childhood years... ;)

2. you are so cute! :)

rabbit and the duck said...

Yay to the relaunch of your Etsy shop!

Hm something about me...I am very competitive. I once threw a tantrum in Grade 2 when I got an answer wrong in a spelling bee. The teacher took pity on me and put me back in the competition. I wanted that crown, dammit.

Something about you...you have great taste in furniture : )


*ceci* said...

Hey alex!
congratulations on being back in etsy! Wish you the best of luck. Those brooches are sooo cute!!!
ok, here are my answers:

- I should open an etsy shop too, mmmhh, but dont know if I could give it all the time it would deserve. Maybe I just give it a try!

- Your "Photo 6" photo was a beautiful orange sunset.

And a question for you too,hehe, are you going to repeat something like "the friday letter", now that you've moved?

painted fish studio said...

yay! glad your shop is back up!

me: craving an oatmeal & raisin cookie right now.

you: helicopter lessons!

Jesse said...

Your shop's looking great!

1. I have a sweet tooth - only developed recently.

2. The Sunday Project has the best Etsy bio I've read.

Jacinta said...


1. Born & bred in Perth. Miss the smallness of the city & my family and friends heaps since moving to Melbourne 2 years ago. I still have refused to change over my WA car licence plates.

2. Alex lives in Perth.


Anonymous said...

1. (Something about me) I am much, much kinder than people think.

2. (Something about you) You are worthy of songs. Not necessarily in the punk genre.

Pixiewinkle said...

Hi Alex,
I am a total newbie to your blog (thanks to Jen at Painted Fish Studio), and since I had a little too much to drink last night, I haven't been able to concentrate on all your posts, but I will later because your blog looks like a lot of fun and I always want to read more about Australia.

I went to Heather Ross book release party (Weekend Sewing) and partied like a rockstar last night. Totally unplanned, thought I'd stay for a half-hour because I didn't know anyone, but next thing you know I knew everyone (from chit-chatting and lots of red wine).

You are a Leo. I love leos. (Probably because I am one too.)

Your etsy shop is looking great. If you have a relaunch party, call me up. I love a good party.

Matilda said...

Well hey there!
Something about me: I have recently discovered exactly how awesome smoked salmon is. I used to hate it. I think it was a bagel in New York that changed me. Murry's Bagels on 6th ave...

A fact about you: you think in multi-time. I do this too... I think it might be a Perth thing- you have to do it to keep up with all those other cool kids.

Fingers crossed....

Tuco and Blondie said...

My favorite movie is Jurassic Park.

You want a puppy (as do I!)

I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed!