Sunday, September 14, 2008

Let the catch up begin!

Ah, finally I find the time (and motivation) to give an update for anyone who’s interested (hello out there?) on what I’ve been up to behind the scenes. Take a look below for a bundle of posts on the goings on. Hopefully some of it’s interesting!

In other news, I have some exciting postcards to share from my postcard swap with my best buddy Elly. (And probably a rant about those missing postcards – see my last postcard post for the background story – if you’re bored). I’m going to hold out until next Monday to show them to you, but, as Elly and I swap postcards fortnightly, I’ve devised a sneaky little project for the ‘other’ mondays. More about that tomorrow (which is the ‘other’ monday). I bet you can’t wait!

Until then....

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