Sunday, September 14, 2008

Last week’s sunday project....

....didn’t get written up. Oops! I blame the fact that I still haven’t got my laptop fixed and don’t want to go and sit in the study on the annoying computer. In other words, I was feeling a tad lazy.
‘An address book?’ you say. Well no. It’s actually a wine journal. I just bought an indexed note book and covered it. I jot down (very basic) tasting notes (recorded by winery name) so I have a record of wines I enjoy (and one’s I don’t) which makes shopping for bottles easier. Ingenious! Ok, so this might seem a little OTT to some people, but as I’ve just done an introductory wine appreciation course (pfft! As if I don’t appreciate wine already!) and my partner is on his way to becoming a winemaker (assuming he passes all his exams in a couple of months!) I figure it’s time to get serious (ie. drunk). Anyway, back to the sunday project....
Do you recognise the fabric? I received it from Janine at
four walls design in Jesse’s fabric swap. I lurve it so I’m glad it’s been put to use. I think it works well with the pinstripes I used on the inside cover. Truth be told, I don’t really have any experience with book covering, so it could’ve been done better, but I’ve learnt some things for next time. I've labelled this post 'bookbinding' as I hope to do some of that at some point.

Hmm, I’m feeling a little parched. Drink anyone?


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painted fish studio said...

yes, i'll have a drink!

great use of the swatch! i've only received 6 swatches, and i'm kind of bummed because i sent out 15. :(