Monday, September 22, 2008

the post age returneth (no. 4+5+6)....

Ah, here we are again.... I really do enjoy the Monday postcard antics. This week is postcard swap Monday (as opposed to anonymous postcard drop Monday), which is a little project I've got going on with my friend Elly in Perth. Basically, we send each other handmade postcards every second Monday. I’ve been patiently waiting for the time to come when I could report on the last few postcards Elly and I have sent each other and now that day has arrived!!

Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion that Elly has a fear of postboxes. How she’s managed to keep this from me for the past 18 years, I just don’t know. Due to this infliction, I only have 2 postcards from her to show off. (Hopefully she’s posting 3 today so she’ll be up to date).

Unfortunately this postcard was de-beaded in transit. Elly posted it in an envelope so I was able to reattach the beads that had fallen off, but I don’t know how she did such a good job of attaching them in the first place! You can see the bits I repaired – they’re evident by the visible glue blobs. Oh, and Elly stuck the black beads on in perfect lines while I struggled to glue them on even remotely attractively!

The colour difference between the two papers in this one is beautifully subtle. I really love this one for that reason. Ooh! I think I just figured out where Elly got the papers from!! Very clever, young El. Strangely, I’ve done something similar for an upcoming anonymous postcard drop! What serendipity.

And look at clever little me – I remembered to photograph my postcards to Elly before posting them! And here they are:

This one is made from a sample of vinyl and cut paper. The picture of the air filter is from an old catalogue I found at work (and so is the vinyl). I’m really happy with this one, partially because I just love the bright shiny red.

This one is made from a paper pie bag that I fleeced from the supermarket, and embellished with a bit of paper, stitching and what I assume are bindis. I found a packet of then in my local craft shop and had to have them. I knew they’d find a purpose.

Now this one I’m not so happy with. It’s made from another sample I found in the archives at work. I called it “things on my desk at work” and was horrified to watch the ink bleed into the parachute-type fabric. But there was no turning back.

I posted postcard number 7 today and look forward to reporting back on it and the subsequent two. And with any luck, Elly will have sought professional help to overcome her phobia. With the love and support of those around her, I know she’ll make it.

If you’re interested in the earlier postcards, you can take a look here.

And if anyone wants to get involved in a postcard swap, perhaps this will satisfy your cravings. (Thanks to painted fish studio for alerting me to this one!). It’s a really cool idea, but for the time being, I think I have enough postcarding going on!

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painted fish studio said...

i really love the postcards you and elly are exchanging! the beadwork is so cool. as is the security envelope weaving. :) and to see yours, yay! the "things on my desk" postcard is definitely cooler than you think it is...