Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome to catch-up week!

Good Lordy, how terrible I've been! But here I am, back again. Alas, Baby still isn't better, but I just have to resign myself to using the 'yuck' computer in the meantime. Truth be told, it's not the computer that bothers me, but the cold study it's in. Ho-hum.
Right, on with the show! Today I'm hoping to impress you with the beautiful swatches I've received!!

Well looky, looky. It's Jesse's swatch! Yes, I've shown it before, but as this is an exposé of swatches I really must show you again.
Ah, I love this one from Jason at artboxdiary. I spotted it here on his blog so made a special request. He says it was an unsuccessful print which he ended up liking, and I love it. And as a result I learned the Japanese phrase wabi-sabi. See? Swatch swaps can be educational!
Here's another one from Jason. I guess this is his 'professional' version of the lotus root print above, but that's just me speculating. I adore the colour, but I think the one above is still my favourite of his.

Ooh, what beautiful bunnies! This swatch is from Janine at Four Walls Design and I love it! I would love to see a giant piece of fabric printed with this pattern. I don't know what I'd do with it, maybe snuggle in the bunny goodness.
This ones from Oami Powers. Hold up! Can we just stop for a minute appreciate how cool that me is! Anyhoo, this block print is on really beautifully textured cotton, amd is so sweet (I'm trying to stop saying I 'love' everything.... but I do).

Here's another one from Oami which reminds me of alfalfa sprouts. Yum!! Which reminds me of growing them on the kitchen window sill as a child. Which makes me think I should do that again.
Check out these cool chairs from Dana at LeiLiLaLoo. They are so cool! Sometimes I try to think of really obscure things to work into a design and these chairs are a reminder that simple things can work the best. And they make me feel like sitting down.
Ooh, I am so happy with this swatch from Jen at paintedfishstudio. I spotted this swatch on Jesse's blog and was hoping I'd be getting the same fabric. It's another fabric with a beautiful texture. The colours haven't come out quite right (the red is actually more orange) but you get the idea.
Delicious red apples from Erika at mikodesign! I think this one is so sweet, and it looks so professional!

Yes, some of these swatches made mine feel a bit amateur, but I'm just starting out so hopefully I'm forgiven. All in all, I got some positive feedback from recipients of my swatches so I'm happy. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all these swatches. I was going to make a quilt but I'm not sure if I want to spread them over a few projects instead. Hmmm, we shall see...
Until the next catch-up....

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painted fish studio said...

i sincerely hope you have gotten over your insecurity, because the swatches you sent me were beautiful, and the printing was flawless! i hope you find a good project for all of them...