Sunday, August 24, 2008

Best in show....

So yesterday was the Christening and obviously, being the godmother, I had to look spectacular. I seem to have a lot of dark coloured clothes, which I thought might be a bit dreary, so I whipped up this brooch to lighten the mood. It was really quick to make and I just used fabric I already had. It does look a bit like a Best in Show ribbon, so I was referred to as the prize heifer a few times yesterday. Hey - at least it was a talking point!

Anyhoo, on the way to the Christening, we stopped at a shop & café called Port O’Call (alas, no website to link to) which is full of cutesy things. It’s possibly a bit too cute for my tastes, but perfect for a Christening present.

As a side note, I went in there a few weeks ago to find about 10 old ladies having cups of tea and slices of cake in the café. They were all dolled up in their finery - hats and gloves even, and looked gorgeous. The café serves tea in cute old teacups. Moving on….

While we were in there, the owner admired my new brooch and asked where I got it from. I told her I made it and she’s asked me to bring some in for her to sell! I have no idea how much for, or how much they’ll actually cost to make, but nonetheless, it was very flattering and it’ll be nice to have something out there in the public.

Until next Sunday (if not before)….

(Any Kiwi's out there, did you see the cover story in today's Sunday Star Times magazine? It's all about the crafty stuff happening in NZ. There was mention of Trixie Delicious and her fantastic ceramics. I've admired her stuff for a while and it's good to know she's doing well. A feature in Oprah's next issue of O magazine probably means she's going to be very busy indeed!)


painted fish studio said...

congratulations on being asked to make brooches! that is really cool. :)

Jesse said...

That's great! It's a very pretty brooch.