Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Just a little something to share with you.... My plates were collected yesterday by Elaine Bradley to be used in her workshop this weekend, where she will be teaching some of Perth's most respected ceramicists about techniques for printing on clay. I'm quite flattered that she thinks they (my plates) are worthy of such an audience. I can't wait to hear what they (the artists) think of them. :)

In case you've been wondering where my plates are, I've taken them out of my etsy shop, as I'm not comfortable sending them via post. I had a breakage at Christmas time despite some super sturdy packaging on my behalf. But! - If anyone in Perth (Australia) is interested in purchasing a plate, drop me a line. I'm out of the "ham" plate, but have 1 or 2 left in each of the other 5 designs.

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Jesse said...

Very cool! I know how you feel about the shipping - it's really tricky, and so disappointing when things break.