Friday, May 1, 2009

T is for thank you....

You may recall the friday letter collaboration that I did with the lovely Jen from painted fish studio. Imagine my delight when this wonderful accordion book arrived in the mail this week!  It shows each of the letters Jen found, which spell out alex@the sunday project.  Thank you so much Jen! :D

Alas, it's proven to be VERY difficult to photograph!  These images don't really demonstrate how awesomely cool it is, so you'll have to use your imagination a little.  I'll try to get a decent shot over the weekend.

(Of course, now the pressure's on for me to come up with something equally as spectacular.  Any suggestions?....)

1 comment:

painted fish studio said...

i think you did a great job photographing! don't worry about making me anything, really! hope you have a great weekend!