Friday, May 22, 2009

Door sixteen & the big news....

I love interior design, furniture design, renovating, building, decorating - reading about it, looking at it, hearing about it, talking about it.  So I was super delighted when I was told about Door Sixteen (thanks Beck!).

Door Sixteen is a blog by Anna, who is renovating her 1890's Victorian rowhouse in Newburgh, New York, with the help of her husband and adorable dogs (I asume her husband is adorable too, but it might be a little inappropriate for me to make that call).

Not only do I love her design style, and the AMAZING house, but I really like her writing style. She's one of those bloggers that you can imagine chatting to in the 'real world' (you know, that one that's not blog-land).

And this seamlessly leads me to my news - I am now the proud owner of a mortgage.  My first ever!  More accurately, my boyfriend (ew, I think i'm a bit old to be using that word) and I have just had our bank loan approved to buy a beautiful Art Deco home here in Perth, W.Australia. I'm super excited and since having our offer accepted I have almost completely renovated the entire home in my head!  I look forward to sharing it with you when the time comes to start doing things for real. 

Have a great weekend everyone.  :)


Jesse said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting. Presumably you'll soon be spending whole mornings scraping paint off things, and wondering where the time goes ;) Enjoy it!

*ceci* said...

so many choices to make! enjoy all the process!

painted fish studio said...

i've been enjoying door sixteen as well... i cannot believe the projects anna and her s/o take on! i get exhausted reading her blog. congratulations to you and d for your new mortgage. here's hoping you don't need to do as much work as the door sixteen house!

when skies are grey said...

Congrats!! Look forward to seeing it. To me, owning your first home and getting to make it yours is one of the MOST exciting things :)