Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blue blanket....

I've only recently discovered the wonderful blanket magazine (where have I been?!) thanks to a link on Erin's Design for Mankind blog a while back. I've just downloaded the new issue, and oh my!, it's wonderful! There's so much content and it's all so great. This issue's theme is Blue. I particularly like the article on songs with blue in the title. You should head on over to the website and download a copy for yourself! They have a blog too (it's here).
Excitingly, they accept submissions from pretty much anyone (me even?) so I might just see if I can come up with a super idea for the next issue - the theme is Communication.


painted fish studio said...

yay! project to do... go for it! :)

Sara said...

hehe I have exactly the same post on my blog, I love the bob dylan illustration 'tangled up in blue' its my fave... I'll look out for you in the next edition :)