Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Photo 6....

I've been tagged by Shannon at Rabbit and the Duck to take part in a photo game! Here's the deal: "Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same."

Like Shannon, my photo filing is a bit haywire, but surprisingly, I did have a 6th folder with a 6th photo. Most unexpected, but not any sort of indication of organisation on my part.

The strange part is that my photo is earily similar to a subsequent post of Shannon's about the bushfires in Victoria, Australia. Fortunately, the amazing sky in my photo isn't the result of bushfires. It was taken from outside my home one evening a couple of years ago as the sun went down over the sea. Having lived on a west coast for most of my life, I'm so used to sunsets over water. It seems strange to me that it should be any other way.

The fires in Victoria are so hard to fathom. Hundreds are dead and thousands are homeless. It's hard to believe it's really happened, and it's not over yet. If anyone would like to donate, please head to the Australian Red Cross and/or to RSPCA Victoria. I'm donating 1 hour pay to each and hope you can too, but anything you can give will of course help. If you can't afford a cash donation, there are other ways you can help. If you're in Australia, donate blood. Take a look at Meet Me At Mike's for a heap of ways your craftyness can help too.

Hmm, ok, tagging 6 bloggers is tricky as I'm a bit out of touch with things!
  • Firstly, I'll tag Jen at painted fish studio who you may know from the recent friday letter collaboration we did.
  • Secondly, Jesse from Jezze, just because she makes cool stuff and is generous with her helpful advice!
  • Next is Megan from Little Breeze who takes beautiful photos, so I can't wait to see what her 6th photo is!
  • And finally (for now) is Ceci from migamiga. I found Ceci because people seemed to find me from her blog. Embarassingly, it took me a few visits before I realsied that her blog is in Spanish AND English! (I had only noticed the Spanish so was just looking at the pictures). Plus, she has a beautiful ginger cat (I'm a dog preson but have a soft spot for ginger cats).
That's a good mix of nationalities too - American, South African, Australian and Spanish. The pressure's on for the next 2 tags now! If only I knew bloggers in South America and Asia....


painted fish studio said...

:) i'll do it! i'll put my photo up next week, since this week is devoted to the color yellow.

happy to hear you are safe, the fires and flooding in australia are in the news here. very scary stuff.

your photo is amazing, and i'm so jealous you are used to sunsets at sea...

Leon / 'Snuke Sniz' said...


*ceci* said...

thank you so much for choosing me for the photo game!
Funny just yesterday I saw that same game on some else's blog and thought it would be fun to start it in Spain, and now you've given me the chance to do it, hehehe...
By the way achoncho says hello, and also pescaito (achoncho's brother and a black cat) and of course miga (my lovely princess dog) want to say hello too!

*ceci* said...

here it is!
thanks again!

megan said...

hey, thanks for tagging me :-) mine's up!