Monday, February 23, 2009

Love love....

Handmade Esther Diamond Typography designed by Martin Poppelwell and made by House of Aroha.

You may remember Aroha Lamour (House of Aroha) from my anonymous postcard drop (a project I’m thinking of starting again now that I’ve relocated – stay tuned).  Rakai Karaitiana of House of Aroha is a super talented typeface designer (among other things) and has produced some beautiful fonts.

This font specifically resulted from a collaboration between Esther Diamond, Martin Poppelwell and House of Aroha -  be sure to check out the results here.


painted fish studio said...

looooove the font. if i could write in that font, i'd be so damn cool!

*ceci* said...

real beautiful font!!
i love hand-made looking fonts...mmm!