Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank you Aotearoa....South Island....

I'm sorry I can't be any more specific as to the location of this shot. It was taken on a drive from Alexandra to Christchurch, and all I can tell you is that we went up the coast, passing through Oamaru and Timaru. It was my first time to the South Island which is as breathtakingly beautiful as the rumours suggest.

For a photo taken out of the window of a moving car, I think it turned out beautifully, though I think the credit goes to the landscape rather than the photographer!

(I've changed the title of this weekly post to 'Thank you Aotearoa' because I think Aotearoa sounds nicer than 'New Zealand'. It's the Maori name for the country and, according to some, means 'land of the long white cloud'. See this article for other translations and pronunciation.
This weekly post is intended to show the beauty of the country I've called home for the past few years).

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painted fish studio said...

wow. beautiful. why is it you have time to travel when you're no longer making money to do said travel?