Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are there no original ideas?....

Ok, that's a bit dramatic perhaps. It stems from 2 things I've found online today. Firstly, via a bit of a blog link journey, I came across this story of plagiarism to the extreme. An amazing Chicago-based artist Lauren Nassef (that's her drawing, above) has been blatently copied by a UK textile artist. This was not a case of one artist being inspired by another, but of a person stealing designs in such a calculated manner. Read the first link to see examples. It's shocking and indisputable. And also very sad.

I moved on to the black apple, a blog I visit every few months. There I found some adorable alphabet prints. The conundrum? I've been working on something so very similar for the past 3 months! I know the 2 situations don't compare as I certainly didn't see the black apple's designs until today, but it made me feel a little bit unoriginal. I think I'll keep working on my alphabet, as I'd like to see it through (plus, there's a bit of a twist). Ho-hum.

**postnote: It appears Lauren Nassef isn't the only victim. For a follow-up, see this post at Book By Its Cover**

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*ceci* said...

We are all inspired by the world wide web, it would be impossible not to find someone on the other side of the world working on something similar than you. I mean, years ago you could be but you you would never know, the problems are, now we do find out, and some people use it as more than just "ispiration".
Cheer up Alex! I think it's something we all think at one point. I even have illustrator friends that have stopped blogging for the fear of being coppied... ;)