Friday, January 2, 2009

The friday letter....I....

Oh my, my first post for the year, and I'm running late! (But, due to my obsessive compulsive nature, I've backdated this post to friday - I couldn't handle seeing a friday letter on a saturday!).

This letter comes to you from a clothing store in Fremantle! The town (city actually) where I spent my formative teenage years. It's a great place full of great friends and it's nice to be back. We flew in on NYE and didn't even see midnight - too tired. But we're slowly aclimatising to the hot weather (it's nearing 40 degrees celsius!).

You must head over to Jen's blog to see her 'c' for this week. It's marvelous!
I hope you're all enjoying the promise that a new year brings.


painted fish studio said...

happy new year! good to see you made it to australia in one piece.

wonderful i, it's very 80's! :)

i can't believe our project is almost over... :(

Shannon said...

Happy new year Alex! I look forward to reading about all your Aussie adventures and seeing what crafty things you get up to in 2009 : )