Monday, January 19, 2009

The friday letter finale....part 1

Alas, I have really let the team down this week. I moved house this weekend and therefore have no internet at my new home. And in the moving process I've managed to misplace my thumb drive with my finished piece to upload here at work. But!- to keep you at bay, here's Jen's final piece!!
(Ok, it would help if my blog background was white). And so my collaboration with Jen from painted fish studio has drawn to a close. It was lots of fun finding a letter each week, and it's been super getting to know Jen in the process. I'm still on the scout for letters because it's become part of my way of thinking (and having just moved to a new area, there's plenty for the taking!). With this in mind, you might see the odd letter pop up here, just so I get my fix.

I hope you've enjoyed. :) And if anyone is interested in a collaboration, drop me a line! (I'll be more timely now that I'm not in transit - I promise!!)

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painted fish studio said...

what am i going to post about this friday?! i miss our project...