Monday, December 15, 2008

The friday letter....T....

Late again, yes. How many times can I beg your forgiveness?
What I like about this 't' is that it is undeniably a 't'. Does that make sense? It's not mucking about with some fancy font. But more beautiful is Jen's 'o'! Be sure to check it out.

Things are slowly getting organised here for the move from Aotearoa to Western Australia. With any luck I'll finish packing boxes today so I can forget about them, and I'm hoping we sell the car before Christmas. Flights are booked for New Year's Eve so things are falling into place!

This is my 3rd country relocation, so I guess I'm getting good at it!


painted fish studio said...

beautiful t, worth the wait!

Shannon said...

I love this photograph!

Good luck for your move to the land of Oz! How exciting for you : )