Friday, May 4, 2012


Really?!  A month since I last posted?!  Where does the time go....  I have my excuses, but I'll spare you as they're really lame.

So finally, here is the linocut of which I showed you a few snippets.  Of course I'm not totally happy with it, but I am really good at picking faults in what I do.  (Like this photo - great forehead reflection!!).  

The slightly exciting thing is that 'Baudin' is currently hanging in the Margaret River Cultural Centre as part of an exhibition in conjunction with the Readers and Writers Festival.  My first exhibition - I'd be more excited if I like the piece, or if I thought it was a good representation of my style (which it definitely is not).  Anyhoo, that's enough of trashing my own work for one night.  :)

*Nicolas Baudin was a French explorer who mapped much of the coast of Australia, particularly the west coast.  Where I live.

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painted fish studio said...

well, i'm a fan of the print! i think you did a great job. and yay! to your first exhibition!