Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Anyone for teacups?....

Teacup by Esther Coombs
Since starting the sunday project, I've found how much I love ceramics. It should come as no surprise - I'm a homewares addict. Alas, I'm not in a position to play around with decals at the moment, so to satisfy my desire to design I bought some ceramic pens. What fun! You just draw your design, wait 24 hours, then cook for 35 minutes in a 150 degrees Celsius oven. Easy! Oh, and the pens come in 2 thicknesses and 8 colours. I'm not really a talented enough drawer to do anything particularly interesting, which is why I'm showing off the work of Ester Coombes (here's her etsy shop)- love it!


rabbit and the duck said...

Oh my god I love this! Thanks for sharing!

REread said...

I have seen this before, i think i visited her blog ... how gorgeous is that lemon butter yellow colour ?? love love love this