Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wasabi Wagyu anyone?....

A chip company here in Australia is running a competition to find a new chip flavour. Mr Stink came up with Wasabi Wagyu so I thought I'd whip up an entry and submit it. I'm not really convinced that it's a winner, but I do think it's funny. My photoshop skills are very amateur, but I managed to turn a photo I took in New Zealand into a green cow, so I'm learning.

This week has flown by and suddenly I'm off on a mini-break tonight! We're heading to wine country, so I anticipate a few days of wine and cheese and warming fires. It means you'll have to wait until next week to see my new designs. Plus I still haven't posted my blue photos for the A&A Challenge, so you can expect the blues and the greens when I return on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend everyone!


painted fish studio said...

your chip flavor idea is brilliant! but the veggietarian in me says no cow for me...

hope the country is wonderful!


I think it's genius & most importantly adorable!
Have a lovely weekend~

Leon / 'Snuke Sniz' said...

I wouldnt say the most important thing is how adorable it is. Id say the most important thing was TASTE.

Wusabi, good idea. But, i reckon if i was to buy a Wusabi flavoured chip, id hope it came with a mini soy sauce flavouring "bomb" i could use to pour in the bag if the wusabi was a little to much for me. Like the old flavour bombs you used to get back in the 90's.

Flavour explosions or some shit?