Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stuff.... bits....

Hmmm, well this week's sunday project was pretty much all over the place. Jesse's swatch swap has taken on a life of it's own and as a result, my first project for the week was to print some more swatches. I cut another paper stencil, which I guess has an autumnal feel, though it is now winter in this corner of the world (and getting damn cold). The plan was to have swirls of red, gold and black, but pretty much immediately the paint turned into a bronze-copper kind of colour, which actually looks quite good.
Of course, I couldn't just send my swatches out in a plain old envelope. That would've been too easy. The obvious alternative was to stitch envelopes and make cards. Honestly, I sometimes wonder what compels me to get carried away. But I think the results were worth the effort. Some people got lucky (?) and received 2 swatches. Just because I was in a generous mood, and know that I won't do anything with them myself.
Yes mum, there's a swatch on the way for you.

And excitingly, my first swatch arrived!! Fittingly, it was from Jesse. It's beautiful and i'm excited to put it to use.

In other project events, I added the extra straps to my printing pad. I'm not sure if they really helped, and now that I've used it a bit, there's things I should've done differently, but it's fine for my amateur purposes.

Tomorrow also marks the beginning of another project, which should perhaps be called the every second monday project.... My friend Elly and I are sending each other a handmade postcard once a fortnight. She's in Australia and I'm in New Zealand, and by the time we see each other again we should've built up quite a collection. If they're any good, perhaps we'll even have an exhibition, hey El? I'd post a picture of the postcard I've made, but that would ruin the surprise.

Last night I stayed up too late and my brain started wandering about the place. It came up with this little fella, who I think is just so adorable. I'm not much of a fan of anchovies or scrabble, but I'm sure there's other stuff we have in common. (Just give him a click if you can't see him properly).

I guess he's a work in progress, and I'm thinking I should write down one of the stories he told me last night (he would not shut up!) and draw some pictures to go along with it. Some of the little ones in my extended family might like to hear about his adventures.

Unfortunately, he's not the only character in progress. I hope he gets along with all the others in my brain. Some of them are a tad ruthless (I think - they're not very complete right now), and others are just a tad neurotic - like Warren Piece - he's troubled. Haha, I'm cracking myself up, and as I'm the only regular reader of this blog, that's the main thing.

Anyhoo, I'll endeavour to have one concise project for the next installment.

Until next Sunday....


Anonymous said...

Hi there, came over from the fabric swap to say hello and welcome to blog land :)

Jason said...

I like the handmade envelopes. How did you make them?

Alex Kirkwood said...

hi jason,
truth be told, i made envelopes because i couldn't be bothered buying any. i just folded an A4 sheet into 3 around the swatch, then stitched both ends on my sewing machine. too easy! :D

painted fish studio said...

seriously, where have i been? i love your drawings, i hope they speak to you more!