Friday, June 1, 2012

Kieron Broadhurst....

'Cronus', 2012

I went to pick my 'Baudin' print up from the exhibition today.  Great timing, as people were unloading artworks for the next exhibition so I got a sneak peak.  I want everything I saw (particularly the painting above).  The exhibition is called Bastard Son and is by Kieron Broadhurst, who is studying fine art in Perth (I can't remember if he's doing Masters or Honours - nor do I actually know the difference), though he's originally from Margaret River.

It was a great reminder that if I'm going to get creative, I should be true to what I like.  As I said about my 'Baudin' print in the earlier post, it really does not represent my style, so why do it?  I'm not claiming that I am (or have intentions of being) an artist, but in any creative pursuit I need to think about whether it's 'me'.  You dig?

Anyhoo, the exhibition opens on Sunday night at The Margaret River Cultural Centre, and runs until the 29th.  Buy me a painting?

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Kylie said...

If I could I would buy you a painting! They are awesome if a little....crazy in a good way