Tuesday, April 3, 2012


OK, I admit that when the printmaking class moved on to doing collographs, I was less than excited.  I mean, you make a collage by gluing stuff on some card.  Bore snore.  But then you coat it with shellac and it becomes a printing plate!  Unfortunately, I didn't put much effort into my plates (I was too busy rolling my eyes) but I'm still happy with some of the effects I ended up with.  I've now been inspired to do another plate, and am looking forward to shellacking it in this week's class.  (By which point I'll be over collographs again).

*I've taken a break from my linocut.  I'll show you a finished print when I end up with one I'm happy with.  Right now, we just need some space.  

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painted fish studio said...

it's always good to try something new! :)